General Manager

We have processes that we’ve put in place. We take our time to train each of our employees to make sure they understand the process and make sure they understand they’re part of a team.

General Manager

When my friends ask me about Gerber, I tell them it’s a great place to work. There’s a constant flow of work, people always willing to help you out, the benefits are great, the pay is good.

General Manager

You have a lot of support, with a constant flow of work. The managers are great, and if you ever need to reach out to somebody you can, at the drop of a hat.

Tools & Equipment

One reason I chose Gerber was that they offered a toolbox with tools for me to start with, so I didn’t have to worry about purchasing all the tools I needed.

Work Environment

What I like most is the atmosphere. Everyone gets along with each other.

General Manager

The environment at the shop is very good. It’s a big family. Everybody is willing to help each other out. If somebody’s struggling, they don’t even have to ask for help—someone is already by their side.

Proven Systems

Gerber’s proven system makes everything go smooth. It’s the standard procedure of how any place should be.


The fact that I’m a 27-year old female who has a GM job in a man’s world is pretty awesome. I’ve been able to take advantage of an opportunity I may not have had anywhere else.

Salary & Benefits

The sky’s the limit to what you can make if you’re willing to put in the time. That’s a huge positive.